currently working for the Jewish Agency part time, but it might as well be an ulpan or a classroom…it seems every kind of Jew works, visits or guards this office. you really can’t ever know what to expect –· young macho Israeli guards hitting on you· old-time kibbutzniks cheering you up and singing about Shabbat·... Continue Reading →

still looking.

totally unrelated subject... or is it?when you're looking for something that you're not sure was ever really there, when is it time to stop? how do you stop?i want to get into the depths of this >no words


went to the consulate today to pick up my olah visa in my passport.i didnt realize this would happen, but - it felt so >no wordsi've gotten used to that smile and i'm not even there yet.and then, i take the envelope with my documents, and like a kid awaiting a report card or a... Continue Reading →

moving along.

i'm getting to the hard part now. the emotional part. the, 'liz are you sure you wanna do this?' part. the grrroooaann part.and i just wish there was someone who could make it better but at the same time, i just wanna do this myself.


yesterday i dropped off my passport to get my oleh visa at the Israeli Consulate.much quicker and easier than i expected! took about 5 minutes. if only every step of this proces could take 5 finding an apartment, a job, a purpose...well, anyways, for those thinking about doing this, here is a little list:->think... Continue Reading →

wedding season.

weddings are nice because they give you cause to dream about's wedding season now; i have four more to go and after tonight i am able to look more forward to them then i was before. weddings are out of body experiences i think; or rather, out of self experiences. you can take a... Continue Reading →

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