my answer to the guy on the 1 this morning

no. i'm not here.i'm on a plane, miles away.or right here. flying over starbucks and skyscrapers. i'm flying high and low. striking my wings against the air and forcing the wind away. away from me. away from skyscrapers. away from flames and smoke. so the smoke won't reach my brother's nostrils and choke his lungs.... Continue Reading →

a year ago

a year ago i strolled through a surface of moons; darky-tawny-creme-brown moons of people, round circles of people sitting on the thousand year old stones of then whispering words of then now.there, behind the moons, i saw the stones through the glow of lightbulbs which i am farely sure weren't there when the romansbabyloniansetc took... Continue Reading →

hold tight

everday, you're life is in someone else's hands.actually, millions of hands - your bus drivers', the drivers cruising around you, the subway handlers', the traffic light programmers - for starters. it's a rough and delicate balance that we don't much think about - maybe because it's so big and vast - are we supposed to... Continue Reading →

israel plans.

ok, so i can finally say with (somewhat) confidence that i know what my israel plans for the next 6 months are... i'm sorry if u didnt really care but a lot of people have been asking so i'm clearing it up en masse...i will be leaving aug 10 for israel, but i will not... Continue Reading →


you know that sinking, rushing feeling after you make the decision to break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? you just don't believe it's happening. it's racing mush in your head. no one else walking down the hallway exists while your holding your diaphram and remembering to breathe. you're making a choice that makes you feel better... Continue Reading →


aliyah is like a have to toy with the idea. there's a lover involved; do you love your lover enough to commit? can you sacrifice for your other? will you? do you feel good sacrificing? do you feel good about youself? about your partner? do you want to build a life with this partner?... Continue Reading →

i am not making aliyah.

when my parents told us they were getting a divorce, i was chewing breaded chicken unapologetically. that is, until they told us they were getting a divorce.then i was chewing wet cement.a year later, i'm chewing steak and my dad who hasn't initiated a word to me about my near-distant future plans picks that moment... Continue Reading →

mosquitos like my pheramones.

backpacking fun in your own backyard:like getting picked up by an anti israel guy you have nothing in common with 'cept harry potter who tried but failed to sell you tickets like a tourist but then drinking apple martinis and showing up drunk to a seminar...who says you need to spend a grand to be... Continue Reading →

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