aliyah is like a marriage.

you have to toy with the idea. there’s a lover involved; do you love your lover enough to commit? can you sacrifice for your other? will you? do you feel good sacrificing? do you feel good about youself? about your partner? do you want to build a life with this partner? for the rest of your life? can you build on your relationship as the years go by?

you date. you spend time together. slowly, or quickly, it becomes clear. there’s a possibility here.

you decide you want to commit. you want to work at it. but you can’t rush to the altar. you can’t rush natural feelings. taking it slow and solid.

slow and solid.

the first year of a marriage must be solid. there must be a clear plan with reliable resources. you want it to stick: that’s first priority. solid. security.

see, the day you get on the plane is the wedding. you’ve lived through glory and pride up until that day, basking in engagement gifts or pre-aliyah excitement.

but we all know the wedding is only a fruity party; the marriage is what matters…

basically, if the ultimate priority is a good marriage, er, living in israel successfully, than the circumstances leading up to aliyah must be authentic and secure.

it’s about success, the ultimate goal.