FINALLY! nefesh! I'M GOING!i'm going!i'm going!i'm homeless but im going!AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!no job, not much savings, no apt, not much family, but i'm going!

wierdest night ever.

i was going to the city and there was a fatal accident and they closed the entire eastern spur both ways for 2 hours so hundreds of people were parked on the turnpike.most bizarre thing i've ever the people i met on the NJ turnpike tonight: it was great hanging out with you while... Continue Reading →

post annoyance

so here's an irony:people who are anti-bush said that if bush won, they're heading straight to the consulate for canadian visas.people who are anti-kerry said if kerry won, they're heading straight to the consulate for israeli visas.bush won, and today i paid a highly anticipated visit to the israeli consulate.Liz v. Aliyah round, this... Continue Reading →

Dear George

Dear President Bush,I thought I'd extend my vote into more of an explanation:Just because you managed to pull one or two more electoral score points does not mean America has spoken. It means 50% of America has spoken, and many, maybe 20%-30%, reluctantly at that. In fact, 100% of America has spoken, but you aren't... Continue Reading →

Dear John

Dear John Kerry,May I say, congratulations to you, your family, your campaign, and really, man - to you. You started out one of a sea of candidates, all mediocre at a time when the Democrats needed a strong leader pushing, post-Clinton. You astonishingly made it to the front, and with that, you took on the... Continue Reading →

levers and knobs.

for some reason, as long as i can remember, i get really happy on election day. i feel good and wholesome and like i'm in a working process, just for a day, things are moving and shaking and stuff is happening - stuff that my entire american education was based on. freedom! choices! ownership! i'm... Continue Reading →

right to vote

lawsuits over the presidency? what about lawsuits over the stress these two fucks and the shitty american electoral system is giving me? or the respect i lose because i have to defend crap either way?i'll vote, but tell me where i sign up for my insta-lawsuit.oh, there!

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