dont get all monica on me. too late.

dream i had last night:

so for some god weird ass reason, i was invited to bill clinton’s house to discuss conflict management or something… so i get there and we start meeting a few times a week. ok so he would be really casual in like shorts and a tennis shirt and wed sit on a couch and i was getting these weird jacko vibes… and hillary just happened to never be home when i went… and then he propositioned me… to be the next monica… and hed hit on me. and the whacked out thing: i found him ATTRACTIVE!

then one day hillary came home and bill got all scared and i ran out of the house.
i wanted to vomit in the dream so bad because i was so confused – and grossed out – and freaked.
what the fucking fuck?!

life, dream, realization

what if i got killed before i made it to israel? i never really thought or cared about this stuff but suddenly, i realized, i’m actually fulfilling something i chose to commit to, and if i didn’t make it, i’d have lived unrealized and that would just be so sad.

city stars

window lights are city stars that have led me here – away
stars that carry, stars that mend; city stars never sway.
i peer across city stars; behold the city of Roam
through car windows i see stars; above green stars pointing home.
these stars are where my trust was born; these stars will carry through
but soon the stars of nightlit roads will bring me close to you.

feeling right

as i was walking towards the post office, for a split second i felt like i was in israel – it smelled right, it looked right, it felt right- you know what i mean? and then i walked inside, and the line was out the door, and it just made me smile cuz i felt like i was home.


the only two things a person can control are: 1. their own actions 2. their own reactions

“fate” “destiny” “god” = words that take responsibility off of a person and thus make the person think s/he is not responsible for his/her own actions and reactions and life…

drama: when people try to control anything else besides 1. their own actions 2. their own reactions