on israel…

Chaverim… I know I dropped off the face of the earth, it’s been a trippy month, and I’ve begun the adventure of settling into Jerusalem life finally. So here’s the deal in an electronic nutshell: After some initial trials, I was on my flight and it was unexceptional except that I had this sense of... Continue Reading →

another day, another cab driver

driver: when did you get here? me: i came here two weeks ago on aliyah. driver: from where? me: new york city. driver: voice raising... new york? what? are you crazy? your life was so good there - me: i know... driver: why did you do it? me: um... driver: voice raising higher... i'll tell... Continue Reading →

common nonsense.

i just start laughing out loud randomly.a bus running over construction. a sign translated poorly.on an industrial side of town i looked past the railing at Ramot, at perfect hills over a non perfect city; a non perfect country for a non perfect people. can't get a driver's license because the office is on strike.... Continue Reading →

an airport thought

here. that's it:this woman, a bit older than me, staring out the large window, waiting for the delayed el al plane.and she's hanging out with this random 6 year old girl, because we're stuck here, waiting for the plane, and this adorable animated girl offered her some gum.and then -random woman: "chamuda, henay hamatos."random girl:... Continue Reading →

foresight and irony.

if we knew the future, how boring would the present be?got my visa stamped right away... thank god for having to pee right after i gave in the papers and was told to come back on friday and then coming out of the bathroom and told, nevermind, we did it just now, here you go...found... Continue Reading →


expedite is my new favorite word.the Connecticut Passport Agency expedited my passport.El Al expedited my flight reservation.the Jewish Agency expedited my aliyah application.the Israeli Consulate will expedite my aliyah visa.Nefesh b'Nefesh will try to expedite my teudat zehut.i wish i could expedite this week. and the ten hour flight. mustn't get greedy, though.

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