wake up, wake up crazy girlie and remember where you were two years ago and how you got here today, remember!

ta'anit esther.

Mothers, sisters, daughters of Israel! WAKE UP!We are 'liberated' in today's society - so why aren't we working?Don't slack off when it comes to working for Bnei Yisroel!Don't forget your roles in saving the Jews from the evils of the world and saving the Jews from themselves!Remember your power. Sons look to their mothers, fathers... Continue Reading →


round and round we go, round the metal wheel inside the metal cage, like dumb mice that dont learn, u can run around the wheel and make yourself crazy but youll never get anywhere but where you started.

with love.

"or you could just be plain." great words of wisdom from dad, with love. "you could do what you said you set out to do, or you could just be plain."and since when is raising three kids plain, huh? you did it. or is your life too boring for you? is that why you're not... Continue Reading →

Israeli (5) – 2005.

Israeli.And then, he was back. We met for drinks to catch up and somehow, amid the silence of catching up, we sensed where each of us had been in the past two years. “You didn’t think I was going to come b’aliyah, did you?” I said it with my best defense mechanism smirk. “Well… I... Continue Reading →

Tayelet (4) – 2003.

Tayelet. We’re sitting in the VW Gulf, at the tayelet near Ramat Rachel, me and Shachar. That’s it, he says. His eyes are drawn to me and my eyes are drawn to Jerusalem, dark and naked in front of us. It takes a lot for me to turn my head and look at him; my... Continue Reading →

Modi'in (3) – 2003.

Modi'in. We drove up to the post in Modi'in; it was 2 a.m. and I felt invisible. The road slept and the car’s purr was the only sound along with the crunching of dry leaves under boots. It was like a movie, when the headlights go dim and then dark, the double slam of car... Continue Reading →

Jerusalem (2) – 2003.

Jerusalem. Shachar took me to a part of older Jerusalem one night, after shutting his law books and telling me – “Elizabet – we’re going out.” It was cool air we stepped into from his father’s white VW Gulf and I welcomed the night breeze up my skirt. We held hands as we crossed the... Continue Reading →

Israel (1) – 2003.

Israel. There’s been a ringing in my ears since my arrival here; since I’ve takento people-watching on the Jerusalem buses; since I’ve developed blisters on mydusty feet; since I met Shachar and heard his voice speak the poetry of this place.He doesn’t know it and neither do these men and women, rocking back andforth on... Continue Reading →

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