with love.

“or you could just be plain.”

great words of wisdom from dad, with love.

“you could do what you said you set out to do, or you could just be plain.”

and since when is raising three kids plain, huh? you did it. or is your life too boring for you? is that why you’re not really around? is this not enough? have you not been great – only plain?

why do we get guilt tripped into constantly thinking we’re rationalizing away our potential? our fears? our true desires, which apprently are too hard to achieve? why do we all get guilt tripped into ‘being something’? are we failures if we never ammount to ‘being something’?

why aren’t we ever content just being, just going through life and being in a successful marriage and having well-bred kids? working through the job, bringing home money to live and be? why are they, you, everybody putting pressure on me? why am i putting pressure on myself? to ‘be something’ and certainly not ‘plain’.

no, i picked up and declared citizenship to the only Jewish state we have, and i’m only on my way to being plain if i’m not working to fix the world. (granted, i want to fix the world). one step at a time, folks. i’ll step-by-step my way to being ‘something’ one day.

so everybody just chillax.






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