seasonal message

to any americans (or non-israelis) that are vehemently opposed to the disengagement of gush katif and shomron (including americans who are vehemently opposed or pro a lot of things in israel to the point of constant criticism and verbal attacks and extremism, and there are more than you think, i know many myself and they... Continue Reading →

israeli pessach seder madness!!!

i've found the crazy sephardi israeli family i've been dreaming of.introduction: my mother's cousin's daughter (my second cousin) made aliyah 20 years ago and married a yemenite/turkish sabra and had 4 kids in mitzpe netufah up north.for pessach, his entire family and their kids came. and me.overwhelming? yes. comic? yes. patriotic? no choice but yes.half... Continue Reading →

on diversity.

a pesach seder in a room filled with people from all over the world singing the words to 'oseh shalom' in the same tune, in the same language.80 voices asking 'ma nishtana' in hebrew.i'm sitting with one arm wrapped around the shoulders of a russian girl, and one arm wrapped around the shoulders of a... Continue Reading →

collateral damage.

i'm learning the casualties of living far from everything that has become everything 'else' - tragedies, celebrations get left behind, lack of understanding/expression. it's frustrating. just have to keep looking ahead. i chose to move away from these people, and consequentially, their 'stuff'. it's going to get more difficult with time, since i can't fly... Continue Reading →

dealing in Holocaust.

the Holocaust is dealt with differently here. obviously in America jews are very serious about the Holocaust; every year in school there were assemblies and memorials and Holocaust museum visits and survivor, it's a different air. i think people treat it with a very clear and high level of respect, memory, definition, i dunno,... Continue Reading →

coming up.

tzafon (tveria/kinneret) action for the weekend, darom (eilat) action next week.crazy little country with tiny measurements and insta-getaways.

do what am i gonna do.

so tonight i was doing a lot of figuring out what i'm going to do. here's some stuff i came up with: - come back to the states mid-june- go back when ulpan starts for bar ilan, which is prob beginning to mid-august- if i dont want to go through ulpan again, volunteer on kibbutz... Continue Reading →

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