on gush katif & ההתנתקות :

look, i just dont know.

we visited gush katif this weekend, namely atzmona, a yishuv in the gush katif block in the south of gaza.
what can i tell you? it looks exactly like the rest of the yishuvim in israel. they built israel within the gaza strip.
what else can i tell you? kids play soccer in the yards, women chat endlessly outside of shul, fathers teach their children torah on their front porches. the houses are more than simple – they’re established. toys and bicycles and basketball nets litter the yards in front, on the sides, and in back of houses. children litter the yards and bedrooms and gan and shul. they’re everywhere – children, good religious zionistic children. lots of them.
these yishuvim seem to be a perfect idealistic example of how jewish life should be happening in israel – everywhere throughout israel. it’s ideal.
except that it’s not – according to everybody else.
what can i tell you? it’s so beautiful from a jewish point of view. and a zionist point of view.
i just can’t see disengagement happening in this family-oriented good-natured place. it’s so – peaceful.

how are jewish soldiers going to come here and look in the eyes of a three-year-old while they handcuff his dad? what will a seven-year-old remember of the home he grew up in – the gun pointed in his living room while he is escorted out by jews?
must jews expel jews?
what about the economy here, the business? can you transplant farms?
the man we stayed by for shabbat built his own home himself – must the same people trying to kill him and his 11 children make their home there, in that building built by a jew for his family, or must he tear down his own house himself while his kids watch?

it’s just not right. this isn’t the way to make things better, it just doesn’t make sense.
why aren’t they expelling arabs from israel then?
if arabs can live in a jewish state of israel with rights and a shot at a life, why can’t jews live in an arab state with at least the same?
when did ethnic cleansing become human rights?






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