a work from school, 2004, unfinished.

jinj I. 'Keep it covered, Jinj, we’re almost there – ' Because it was the sort of stuff in the air that would have joggled her insides, and then Maiden Deidre would have to ‘reorganize her insides’ like she had done to Kayla that time. Kayla was bigger than her and hadn’t done it –... Continue Reading →

a turning point?

very very frustrated. why am i here? it's funny, my israeli friends all called it. they warned me. "you're going to get right back into old habits, and at the same time, feel empty." "you realize there is nothing for you there." "you'll say hi to your old friends and your family and then you'll... Continue Reading →

i say good bye, you say hello

riding bus #4, pass a bus that says "hahitnakut tavee terror" (the disengagement will bring terror)oh, israel, how different will u be when i come back?i feel really torn about leaving. my heart hurts. i suppose it's dramatic of me, aval this is a dramatic place.

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