Homecoming (again).

coming back from my somewhat hiatus... flight back home is 2 40 am monday, so basically way later tonight. arriving 8 15 pm monday in israel.lots to think about, but ill look before i leap into writing something... for now.

A direction.

so due to the conversation i posted just before, i really got to thinking about a direction.how can a jew feel like israel is a foreign country? different, yes. hectic, definitely. crazy, conflicting, excited, deep, difficult.but foreign? that hurts. the first time a jew comes to israel, sure, it does feel foreign. different culture than... Continue Reading →

it's hard to offend me. so…

m: When you come back in two weeks, just don't wear blue or orange for a few weeks.e: u dont have an opinion on the subject?m: I do, but, I choose not to let the whole world know about it. Do you?e: yeah. whats the point of opinions if u wont express them?m: True, but,... Continue Reading →

Plans in rhyme.

going back in two weeksthings aren't so bleaki dont need to groanbut i wanna go homewanna move on(but i still love you mom)

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