A direction.

so due to the conversation i posted just before, i really got to thinking about a direction.

how can a jew feel like israel is a foreign country? different, yes. hectic, definitely. crazy, conflicting, excited, deep, difficult.
but foreign? that hurts. the first time a jew comes to israel, sure, it does feel foreign. different culture than america, at least. in many ways, not all. it can be difficult getting used to some attitudes, some behaviors, chick peas. but even if that is hard for someone to adjust to, (and even over a 2 week vacation or a ten-day birthrite trip?) can’t they overlook it to some degree to at least understand that these people is what is significant? that these people are their people, we’re all together in this, whether you asked for it or not?

it’s basically the same old direction but new inspiration. i want to help jews outside israel understand israel, warm up to israel – and help to warm israel up to them… i dont want jews to feel like they’re country is foreign. that’s so harsh…

it’s a two-fold goal for people:
א. jews from outside israel must feel comfortable about israel and what it can be for them
ב. israel needs to be prepared and willing to make jews from outside accomplish א

i know this is obvious, and the reason why this is a continuous goal for me is because i have been thinking about this, and in essence, putting it into practice as best as i can for the last five years or so.

but i feel a bit refreshed about this newfound inspiration, due to that stinging conversation i had before.

aright, well, i’ll think more about how to make this happen while i actually live in israel – making shlichut difficult and reaching out a bit more complicated. nonetheless, it’s something i need to start thinking about.

it's hard to offend me. so…

m: When you come back in two weeks, just don’t wear blue or orange for a few weeks.
e: u dont have an opinion on the subject?
m: I do, but, I choose not to let the whole world know about it. Do you?
e: yeah. whats the point of opinions if u wont express them?
m: True, but, it’s much easier to tell people than to show them and who knows what would happen.
e: oh.. ill have to disagree
m: Why? If you don’t show it, then you don’t have to worry about in comming violence against you.
e: if i believe in something strongly, or even not so strongly, i feel its important to let that show or at least be free to talk about it. were lucky to live in a free enuf society where it is not gov policy to be beaten for opinions
m: Ok. I can make my opinion without going into a debate about it. Same thing here, I can say something to friends but, I don’t have to let the whole world know.
e: u dont, but at such troubled times as these, weve got to make voices heard so we can make a plan, express what we want, get stuff done… keeping quiet has lead to many man issues in the past – serious ones
m: I know. But, also being noisy has lead to many issues in the past as well..serious ones.
e: oh yeah? so its better jews in america kept quiet about the holocaust?
m: The holocaust is different. I just don’t like to argue about something that could get me killed in a foreign country.

– and that last line stung. i had to read three times. foreign country? ouch.

"?אמא, למה אנשים בטלוויזיה עצובים" "because, chic…

“?אמא, למה אנשים בטלוויזיה עצובים”

“because, chicky, something very terrible happened in the world, across the world, and it made a lot of people sad.”

“?מה קרה בעולם”

“parts of it are falling apart a bit… there are people who want to make parts of the world fall apart, like taking one or two pieces off of a puzzle so it is not complete.”


“well, you know how you and me live in this little space in a bigger building? we live in an apartment, and we have neighbors who live in other apartments around us, and together we make a whole building.”

“.כן, ואנחנו גרים על יד ג’ קולר”

“נכון. and so the world is like a big building, with lots of little apartments, and people fill all those places, and do you understand what we do with our neighbors? we share. we share our space. we share the building, and each live in bits of it. in the world, people share bits of it.”

“.כמו דירות”

“נכון. and you know what? there are only 6 apartments in our building, but in the world, there are billions of people! do you know how many people that is?”


“so billions of people share this space, the world, and some people get angry about it, or get angry that some people dont share equally, or get angry that their space is less nice than others’. it is very difficult for billions of people to learn how to share.”

“.דווי לא יודע איך להתחלק”

“well, sharing can be hard for people. and that is why some people do terrible things to other people and make them cry and hurt them. that is why we have to be careful, chicky. we have to stick together and make sure that people are not sad, are not hurt, and know how to share.”

“.בסדר, אמא”