Aliyah, stage 1.

hiya A, ...had an interesting convo with my mom today. she's afraid that i'm not moving enough, not being productive enough, and i'll hate this and come home. did i say afraid? ha, possibly hoping. well, she wants me to be 'happy'. she is rooting for me, in the sense that i find what i... Continue Reading →

To dream, to live.

hey A, i wish i could give u some inspiring examples from my own life, but its doubtful. ive been bummed for awhile. since making aliyah, i have only really felt unproductive, unadventerous, and a lot of the time, alone. depressing. aliyah was like the climax of my passion for israel, and things starting going... Continue Reading →

Current affair.

hi mom,in response, i dunno what kind of news they are showing you there, but i watched it live from 11-5 yesterday, and its the most terrible thing ive seen after sept 11... little girls yelling at soldiers, crying, soldiers dragging teenage girls by their hands and feet from their houses, people burning down their... Continue Reading →

who disengages himself.

i have not been keeping close contact with many of you, so i dont know what your politics are or where you stand or how informed you have been keeping yourself on the following matters...'s terrible here with the hitnakut (disengagement) and i just wanted to remind people that it is important to pay... Continue Reading →

Tisha B'AV rainbow.

its tisha b'av today so i'm fasting because i'm nationalistic if nothing much else. i went to the tayelet last night and when i looked over the edge i saw three things:1. orange lights of the jerusalem skyline2. blue lights of the jerusalem skyline3. arab teenagers and their parents picnicing on the grass below.this was... Continue Reading →

oh, and…

hi mom,the fast was fine, i went to a lecture about looking at the holocaust and other jewish tragedies and trying to find god mixed up in it all. i also visited the tayelet nearby (promenade) and watched jerusalem as i heard aicha answer to your question, my friends are generally split about the... Continue Reading →

Israeli famousity.

my friend is completing film school about now, and to do so he is completing the movie he wrote and is directing, and when he asked me to volunteer on the set for a day, i said, yeah, cool man.he's had to fund it on his own, and he managed to get this famous young... Continue Reading →

strikes and gutters.

ups and second aliyah is coming along, i hadn't eaten all day and i was craving felafel since there's not much else to eat in the 9 days and i pounded pizza last night.i showered. i got dressed. i opened my wallet to see how much money was in there.six shekel.oh man, that... Continue Reading →

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