holy of holies

and how can i lizrael update on my yom kippur, holiest day of days, day of the holy of holies?my first yom kippur in israel, my first really terrible fast, and my first yom kippur away from my shul in staten island.let's start with the latter: the hardest thing about my yk was this. it... Continue Reading →

hell is the floor of the 400 bus

to clarify: the 400 bus is the bnei brak bus. shudder.I feel: Defeated.I went to my Conflict Management and Negotiation orientation at Bar Ilan and it was a complete failure.It took 3 hours to get there and when I did, I got there late, so late that the stupid thing was only an hour and... Continue Reading →

pass the wake up

i woke up at 6 30 after an awful awful dream... my mom came to israel to visit and then tried to trick me into coming bacl to america with her, and i nearly fell for it, for some reason... i really believed her, or i felt guilty, and then an hour before i had... Continue Reading →

the bigness of a dry erase board

hi dad,so yesterday xxx came to my office and i let him in and he was very impressed by how 'fancy' and 'serious' it was, like an 'american' office... and the truth is, it resembles a nyc office to some extent... except that we are all wearing jeans...anyways, he was also very impressed with my... Continue Reading →

shoes as zehut

another milestone in my aliyah-making declaring israeliness: i bought clunky, chunky, obnoxious, israeli shoes.they're big, they're bad, and they're all mine.and i can justify a kartisiyat noar again. ha!

Version 1

Larutz. “Alright. Larutz.” “Shalosh… shtayim… echad…” The room collectively sucks in its breath… “Action!”[Footsteps sound outside the metal door. A man dressed as a mifaked bursts in, and then abruptly stops. He is listening to music that will be filled in by the director later. He starts to rock back and forth, in tune with... Continue Reading →

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