Keepsakes from the mother-land.

Mother writes me today about some antiques she has found in the house and would like to know if I'd be interested in having them one day. My reply:"...I think that is stuff I would like later on when I have a more permanent living/life situation and want things from the 'old country' to show... Continue Reading →

Down-lowing drivers.

Here's the DL on Israeli drivers. Not so DL, really.When you heard those pro-touring-Israel slogans, 'you have more of a chance of getting killed in a car accident than a suicide bombing' (rosy campaign, yes) - IT'S ABSOLUTELY TRUE. In fact, it's, I daresay, TERRORFYING.On the way to university I had a lift with a... Continue Reading →

Thanks family giving.

Hi family,Just because I'm a bit far doesn't mean Thanksgiving hasn't been on my mind... It's definitely one of my favorite holidays.So just to update everyone, I'm working in creative marketing for which is based in Jerusalem and in the evenings I'm taking my courses in Conflict Managament and Negotiation (masters) near Tel Aviv.... Continue Reading →

God save the… poultry.

FYI:Thanksgiving-shabbat dinner was top. My first turkey was juicy as Israeli politics. My guests were mainly Commonwealth folk: 3 Aussies and 2 Brits. Americans outnumbered, just how I wanted it (3, including me). I was hoping for a Canadian but he couldn't come.Thanksgiving outside the US: jolly good fun!

Happy Thanksgiving.

For now, I'm drinking apple cinnamon tea. That's as close as I get on an Israeli workday on Thanksgiving.There's a 7 kilo (16 pound) turkey in my fridge.A sign in my office reads:Happy Thanksgiving!Hodu l'Hashem Ki Tov!Thank God, because it's all good...

Derech eretz kadma l'?

I took the sheirut from Bar Ilan to Geula, where it ends, instead of getting off earlier at Binyani HaUma because I decided to experiment with the timing of that route and meanwhile get a little tour of Geula.As we (the driver, 6 charedis, and me) were driving through Geula, (which for your reference looks... Continue Reading →


Right:My tremp never showed -> The taxi driver took the long way to get to the tachana and then got mad that I got out early -> Missed the bus because it left early -> Second bus took forever leaving the station and getting on the highway because the bus driver was a little off... Continue Reading →

Nation observation.

Some nation observations:1. One of the professors I have, an American who has been here for 20+ years, teaches us fundamentals in Conflict Management and Negotiation. I'd say he himself is a bit short with us, a bit impatient. He's always shhing the students and snapping at them when they're questions seem dumb to him.... Continue Reading →

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