No more American express.

A ticket to the cinema on a Thursday night:
Free if you have a Cellcom line (35 shekel normally).

Popcorn and a soda:
Dunno, too cheap to buy it.

The Israeli movie-going experience.
Actually priceless.


So… Went to see The 40-Year Old Virgin on Thursday night. First movie I’ve seen in the Israeli cinema since I saw Snatch in 2000, and I guess I didn’t remember that experience much except for wondering how the Israelis were understanding the crazy British accents.
Well, a lot of the same. Young kids at a very naughty movie (am I getting old?), but that’s not nearly the point. The climax of the movie for me was the laughing: I found myself the sole person cracking up a lot of the time. The only times they laughed was during intense cursing or during slapstick. Makes sense, really. The Hebrew subtitles did a poor job of translation, and really, you can’t translate a lot of Steve Carel-American humor.
Maybe this is terrible, but I felt a bit of pride. In myself.

But pride in a language that isn’t primary anymore doesn’t last long in a different country. Last night I was watching “Eretz Nehederet”, sort of a cross between SNL and the Daily Show for Israel. I got a lot of the jokes, but not all the references, and I suddenly remembered to put myself back in my place.

Eh, so it goes. It’s fun to laugh at TV, whether in your language or not. Hell, it’s fun to laugh at yourself, always.






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