No cold feet here.

It's the days that start off gray and cloudy and dark and like all hell is about to break loose that I really feel like a permanent resident here. Maybe this is a bit terrible, but it's kind of like that I feel when the weather is bad, there's nothing I can do about it;... Continue Reading →

Onward and forward…

You know what's interesting? So now we have this Kadima party, supposed to be centered and all. We have political figures quitting their old parties to join from both the left and the right. This basically means that within the political party Kadima will be the neccesity for negotiations - level 2 negotiations, which happen... Continue Reading →

When I grow up.

I'm in love. It hit me today, like a club, like an enormous brainstorm.I want to be a mediator.Obviously, this was something I thought I want to do. I thought I could do. But as of today, I know: This is what I will do.I want to help people communicate. I want to help people... Continue Reading →

More than just a pretty 'tlush'…

Now that I am an employee in the Israeli workforce......hearing about today's suicide bombing has a different take. Maybe it is because I have 'more' at stake? Maybe it is because I feel more settled here, so this is my fate more than ever before?...Israeli politics have a different meaning. It's not just about peace... Continue Reading →

Pay it forward.

Again, writing a letter to someone to help them out. Thought I'd share it, make the love go round:It's cool to hear from you, and awesome to hear your aliyah plans have started to take action... The application process should be the least of your worries... as long as you have all the paperwork (birth... Continue Reading →

Do it in another country.

t: is the oleh process getting easier as time goes on? do u find urself much more adjusted now than u did months ago?m: oh for sure... i have a job and school... i have no reason to return to america, and the only reasons i miss new york are superficialt: wow.. that's great to... Continue Reading →

No more American express.

A ticket to the cinema on a Thursday night:Free if you have a Cellcom line (35 shekel normally).Popcorn and a soda:Dunno, too cheap to buy it.The Israeli movie-going experience.Actually priceless.-------------------------------------------------So... Went to see The 40-Year Old Virgin on Thursday night. First movie I've seen in the Israeli cinema since I saw Snatch in 2000, and... Continue Reading →

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