The world of women.

Something I haven't yet explored here but has been on my mind since before I made aliyah is: my fear of Israeli women. They're strong, they're pushy, they could eat me alive. They know how to get what they want. Especially unnatural shades of red hair.At least, that is how I saw them. Well, I... Continue Reading →

American sketch!?

...I passed.So I think what it is: this guy is hooked up with Nefesh b'Nefesh. Helping Americans get by, gaining more clients who can pay - I don't know. Though I have been on this quest to beat the system, now that I have, I don't want to jinx it.If you're in Jerusalem and want... Continue Reading →

unAmerican sketch, part 2.

So, my driving instructor calls me earlier tonight to tell me that my test is tomorrow at 12pm."Tomorrow? Isn't that a bit early? Isn't it supposed to take weeks?""That's when they gave me."I am very skeptical.I called an Israeli friend and an American friend to do some fact-checking. Actually, there are no facts when it... Continue Reading →

The unAmerican practice of sketch.

As of yesterday, I have embarked on a journey into the murky waters of the murky Israeli drivers bureau.[Did you know? Israeli driving instructors are required to fail 50% of their testers every day.]And there is a conspiracy theory that Israeli Anglos fail faster because the officials know that they will come back and do... Continue Reading →

סנייק פיש

הלכנו לראות (וגם לשמוע!) את הדג נחש... סוף םוף, אחרי שנתיים שרציתי, ובקשתי פעמיים את חברים שלי לבוא איתי בנו יורק, אבל הם לא רצות ואז הלכו אחרי שעליתי! (איזה חוצפה באמת). אז היה כיף מעוד (אחרי שנתיים) במעבדה, ונהנתי. היתה להם כל האנרגיה שציפיתי! כל הכבוד! י

BiBi, go ByeBye.

"...if Sharon were able to participate in the March 28 elections, Netanyahu would have competed against him and would have said that Sharon caused Israel great security harm in pulling out from the Gaza Strip. Instead, Netanyahu is now presenting himself as Sharon's past partner and future heir." (Haaretz 11.1.06)...shutter... (Haaretz 11.1.06)

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