Celebrate Election Day!

It is possible that I have the body of a spritely 23-year-old while having the soul of a 64-year-old mizrachi woman who grew up with no voice in anything and for election day she gets dressed up in a nice outfit and puts in her vote for Likud, every election day since she’s arrived to Israel.

Ok, I don’t really know what that means. But I do get drssed up to vote, I do get all happy and proud and nationalistic on election days, back in the States. And it goes for here too, apparently. I guess most people my age would think I’m silly and geeky, but I can’t help this tradition of mine.

I just like having the right to express my opinion!

And, as always part of this voting behavior of mine, I don’t know who I will vote for until I get in the booth. Some things just don’t change country to country.