Musing history.

Explored the Israel Museum and Bible Lands Museum today; free entry thanks to Bank Hapoalim. (Thank you Bank Hapoalim. That doesn't excuse you from pinching money from me for no reason every once in awhile. Happy holiday.)It's amazing how different the Bible can seem through a historical magnifying glass. When you start to filter politics,... Continue Reading →

Burnin' for you.

My nostrils are burning because bread is burning outside. Everywhere.Last year when we burned chametz on Erev Pesach, I remember there was a group of people standing around and these old Nachlaot men were orchestrating and smoke was going into this woman's house and she was screaming at them and it was a balagan.Anyways, we're... Continue Reading →

Basa and buses!

Ichs.Dragged over to Bar Ilan during our supposed Pessach vacation to take a final in Family Law (in Judaism). I was never very good at the halacha finals in high school, and some things never change. The moed bet is in September.BUT! I got to ride the new #5 bus line to work from the... Continue Reading →

Mantra: Language barriers are mutual.

I keep forgetting...Language barriers are mutual... at least when you start out an English speaker. I keep forgetting that while I am shy about speaking up in class in Hebrew, some of my classmates are shy about speaking to me, or anyone, in English. I keep forgetting that while I don't understand every item on... Continue Reading →

On buses and facelessness.

The bus closest to my house is the 18. But it's not the ideal bus. Today I raced through the hard rain to the bus stop a bit further, where the 18, 4 and 24 all stop, because lately, I've been waiting for 15-20 minutes for the 18 near my house.I waited a good 5... Continue Reading →

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