Praying for rockbottom…

I didn't think weeks could get more stressful than last week. Then again, last week I didn't think the week before could get anymore stressful. I don't even know if that makes sense, but the point is, each week has been getting more stressful than the last, despite my thinking it couldn't get worse. I... Continue Reading →


No more pencils,No more books.No more teachers dirty looks.Psych!Today was the last day of classes, but that doesn't mean I still don't have 3 papers due "at some point" in the summer and 3 finals two weeks before my wedding. Oh, and preparing my thesis topic.That's because there is a major cultural difference between American... Continue Reading →

Overheard in BIU.

Walking across campus today, in a 15 minute span, I heard:*Hebrew*English*French*Russian*Arabicand...*Sign language(Ok, didn't hear that last one...)

This is garbage. And it's crawling away.

There have been two little ants crawling around my bathroom floor for the last week. I don't kill them because their existence doesn't bother me, unlike some creatures. Ok, I'm actually warming up to the smaller yellowish jukim. I'm from New York, for god's sake. I've had a cockroach crawl up my thigh. A New... Continue Reading →

Black feet.

There's a condition you'll develop if you're a sandle-wearer and a city dweller here.You'll get home, kick off your shoes, and - What the hell? How did my feet get so black?I wouldn't post photos because I'm nice.Way #286 that you know you're in Jerusalem in the summer?Before you get into bed, you need to... Continue Reading →

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