Lizrael Update, on vacation.

We took a much (and still) needed weekend vacation (including Sunday!) up North in Kfar Tavor. That, after rushing to finish the ungodly task of preparing, stuffing and mailing the invitations (after a few mistakes, obviously).

It was so quiet, so unIsrael. We stayed in a bungalow surrounded by flowers and grapevines, swam in a private pool, got served in every way, and went horseback riding, which I had yet to do in Israel (the third country I’ve done it in now).

And it almost felt like we weren’t in Israel for a bit, which I think is necessary every once in awhile. Look, it’s a small country, too small. I get claustrophobic really easily.

Anyway the fun part (the parts I’ll share, anyway):
Mount Tavor, Tavor village, olive groves, fields.

Baby-cow-that-mooed-all-night face-off.

Gooorgeous. Just gooorgeous.

The grapes weren’t ripe yet, but they kept us covered.

Look at me, clippety clop!

Vacation. Period.

I want more.

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