Job growth.

Man, I don’t even realize how much I should be missing this place when I’m gone.

I mean that especially in relation to my job. I’m in creative marketing; obviously my marketing is reflective/directed towards American populations. It’s so refreshing to be here and remember why I do what I do, for who I’m doing it. It’s clarity, it’s a boost, it’s redefining my job, adjusting my vision. It’s fresh air.

I never knew I had this ‘commercialized’ self; I’m way beyond office monkey – I like my job and it means something. I don’t feel pushed around. I feel creative freedom, space to move around, think outside the triangle. It feels good.

So being back in the Land o’ Commercialism, somehow, gives me new life – Gap! MTV! Starbucks! Barnes & Noble! There they are, supporting me every step to the office in Midtown. And then I sit down at my desk and feel full.

Wow. I’m definitely not saying I sold out. I wear pajama items to work sometimes and never comb my hair and curse in front of my boss.

But still: College self – meet Real World self.






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