Wrote this with Lewis over my shoulder.

I’m angry. Like, Lewis Black angry.

My rants today are directed at everyone because I was stuck on the 400 reading the newspaper and getting angrier and angrier.

To Elections in America: Shut up already. You’re boring. So is every candidate. Boring.

To Anti-Leiberman’s Cyprus Plan: You know what? Has land for peace worked, even once? What’s worse, living like they do in Cyprus – cold, but comfortable, and more importantly, alive – or living like we do here, with the threat of being annihilated coming from both ends and real people getting killed in real time?

To Israeli LGBTs and allies: Listen guys. I want you to live however you want. But for the sake of keeping the ‘character of Jerusalem’ in tact, and for the sake of the majority of Jerusalem, can’t we take it to the mediation centers and educational seminars, to the happy, human demonstrations and to everyday life situations that can actually make a difference instead of making a loud, colourful parade that some would call (its character) mocking LGBT lifestyle? Isn’t this about leaving you alone to live your lives? Why can’t the ‘character of Jerusalem’ and its majority be left alone too?

To the ‘character of Jerusalem’: You are acting like a slut-whore. Bars, half-naked girls, drugs. You call yourself a holy city? Get your act together; then maybe people would respect your character.

To Charedi rioters: You. Are. Despicable. What the hell is wrong with your heads? What the hell is wrong with your hearts? Is violence less an abomination than homosexuality? Is kiruv not more important than your details? Where do you get off burning public property (stealing), throwing rocks at police (injuring) and threatening to kill fellow Jews (murder)? Are you more religious than I am? Than my gay friends? Are you more religious than a person living a homosexual – and moral (gasp!) – lifestyle?

Ahem. And that completes that. This does not reflect 100% of my feelings and logical reasoning. It only reflects 100% of my gut reaction to today’s news.

Here’s one good article, though, especially at the end.






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