Today's word: שלג (snow)

An oldie, but always a fun one. Anyone who wasn’t asleep in Hebrew school knows this one, too:
שלג = sheleg = snow

I bring it up because, oddly enough, this is a popular name for dogs in this country. Well, two kinds of dogs:

1. White dogs.
2. Black dogs.

A white dog named “sheleg” exposes either a lack of creativity on their owner’s part or a chock full of youthful hope. A black dog named “sheleg” is… well… an overdone attempt at being funny.

They predict snow in Jerusalem for today and tomorrow, but I’m skeptical. After you’ve spent four years living in upstate New York, you learn what sheleg really is. It’s a lot more than a big, white fluffy dog.

+ = overdone?






3 responses to “Today's word: שלג (snow)”

  1. Dave Avatar

    Does this work for you?:

    Only in Jerusalem: snow, a shofar & ‘suspicious objects’ (Exclusive video, pics)

    Israel At Level Ground

  2. Deby Avatar

    I have never had the time to learn ” שלג (snow)” back in Israel, as I was enjoying the sun all around the year. but thanks, today I needed this word:-)

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