Today is the Tenth of Tevet.

I have nothing profound to say about today, which is the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet (‘Tevet’ being the fourth month of the Jewish calendar, ‘Tenth’ being the tenth day of said-month, and ‘Fast’ being what we Jews do on sad days because we eat too much on happy days).

What I am lacking in profundity, Ari does well in the basics: read about the fast in his Aasarah be-Tevet Primer.







  1. Zoe Strickman Avatar
    Zoe Strickman

    I was thinking about the fast this morning at 3am’ish when I woke up to eat my last food until this coming evening.

    Today is a serious day.. People don’t realize how warped our lives are with materialism and literally “C.R.A.P.” that we don’t even realize we’re neck deep into.

    This day was a bad day because if this day didn’t happen and our Holy Temple was not destroyed, life would be quite different, even for you.

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