Dead for deadlines.

Bar Ilan University is officially out for between-semesters break. That is, unless you have finals. Then you’re screwed.

I don’t have finals, but I have tons of fun in the form of papers. I owe two papers from last year: One on narrative mediation and the other covering the Jewish language war in pre-1948 Palestine. Aside from those two oldies, I ‘m due to hand in an intense outline of my thesis for committee review. Then there is coursework in my etymology class to organize and submit. Next semester I’ll have two more major works to hand in, including philosophy of language (for which I’ll probably study narrative mediation from a different point of view).

So my work is cut out for me and of course, instead of working on outlining my narrative mediation paper due next week, I’m watching T.A.T.U. strut their lesbian stuff on MTV.

Why is this motivation thing so incredibly difficult for me? Why am I the bitch-lover of ever-tasty procrastination?

I love school, I hate formalities.







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