Superbowl vs. super gooooal!

Been living in Jerusalem two years, currently residing in Katamonim, and I haven’t been to a Beitar Yerushalayim game?

Got a call after shabbat to join some Aussies to watch the game; we are no longer Beitar-virgins. The fact is, we couldn’t have rooted for Ashdod if we had wanted to; if you’re a Jerusalemite then you know: Beitar fans are CRAZY.

You know Beitar, the place? Beitar, the movement? Beitar the history? Well, it’s not much different. Must be the name.

I haven’t been to a game of any sort since a football practice match in Ireland in 2003. Before that it may have been a Nets game or maybe a Mets game. I learned quite a few things tonight as American sports-watching is, needless to say, very different from Israeli.

Take for instance the food.
Compare: Coke, hot dogs, nachos, ice cream vs. tea, coffee, zaatar and sunflower seeds…

Then there’s fan reaction: “WOO HOO” and “Booooo” vs. hand-clapping, whistling and “hisssssssss.”

The kids over here are definitely more excited…
And what American male would wear a pink hoodie to a U.S. football game?

The evening actually made for a pleasant melaveh malkah, since Beitar fans do a helluva lot of singing and it’s all within the Jerusalem theme.

Who won, you ask.
I’m still in one piece, aren’t I? Beitar, 2-0.

Well, there it is. My sports-dose for the week, which means I won’t be partaking in Superbowl festivities next week. It’s not like the Giants came close to winning anything anyway and the commericals are overrated.






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