My anchor.

With all the news getting worse around here, I find my immediate reactions to reading the paper or hearing a headline getting louder and more exasperated. My sighs are heavier. My eyes roll further back into my head. Somehow, I’ve become even more sarcastic. I’m digesting it all faster and the indigestion gets more and more painful.

Well, there’s someone out there who certainly outdoes me. She’s expressive with her eyes and her sighs are heavier than mine. She’s exposed to the news everyday, and she’s even responsible for delivering it. Who is she?

She’s Yonit Levi, the evening news anchor for Arutz 2, Israeli channel 2.

And she looks how I feel.

1 4
3 2

After each story, she has the same reaction: she looks square into the camera, raises an eyebrow, and then lets out a short sigh and continues the story.

And with that, she almost makes me feel better.






  1. Jonny Steel Avatar
    Jonny Steel

    I like the guy on Channel 10 quite late in the evening. He has eyebrows that almost pop off his head. His expression is totally, “Same old, same old. Why do they do it?”

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