'It's time to act.'

My newly-YNet-columnist husband presents us with his account of our Sederot volunteer day a month or so ago. One day of painting a bomb shelter doesn’t make anyone holier-than-thou, but it’s funny to see our words on ynetnews.com:

‘It’s time to act’
Ronen and Elisheva, a young couple who immigrated to Israel two years ago, answered our call to volunteer in Sderot. Here is their account.

‘It’s time to act’ – Those were the words my wife said to me one evening in late May. As relatively new immigrants in Israel, even after two and a half years, we have witnessed the disengagement (which we watched from our absorption centre), a second war in Lebanon (which occurred simultaneously with our wedding) and read about the constant Qassam attacks on Sderot. Since we no longer had personal excuses during the most recent and ongoing spate of attacks in Sderot, it was time to do our part and volunteer. We found volunteer information through Ynetnews, Ruach Tova and Lev Echad and one Friday headed down to show our support.

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    I like your new header. Congrats to Ronen on becoming a Ynet writer.

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