The parrot's back.

The crazy, stoned, alcoholic, balding Bezeq parrot is back and bringing its habit of bad marketing with it.

parrot cartoon

It reads: Who will try to liquidate the parrot? Finally! Bezeq is coming to its senses. I wonder what will destroy this creature… Will he succumb to the alcohol? The crystal meth? Look in the mirror and freak out?






  1. lena Avatar

    Only in the advertisement it says “Who TRIED to liquidate the parrot?”, ie this creature is still alive :-(
    Actually when this campaign started I wondered why do they continue to stick with this horrible stupid mascot for so long. I came to the conclusion they’re trying to use it as long as possible to justify the money they paid to whatever loosy designer who created it.

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    Ha! True. And sad.

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