The sweetness of milk and honey.

Like a good American, I love cereal. Itty bits of stuff you can pick at in milk and eat with a spoon? Awesome.

I bought Honey Nut Cheerios in Israel for the first time, and when I took my first crunch of the stuff this morning, you know what I got a mouthful of? Milk and Cheerios. No honey here. Honey Nut Cheerios is not that sweet in the land of milk and honey. Maybe it has something to do with Nestle manufacturing it. Or maybe when I was younger, anything that wasn’t string beans was sweet.

Anyway, it left me a bit disappointed and then I thought, what a metaphor for the leading bodies of this country right now. And then I thought, what a great and easy-to-forget lesson to share with all the incoming olim this summer.

We olim make aliyah to Israel: the place where Jews have felt the ultimate connection for thousands of years. The land of flowing milk, natural honey, holy olive oil, ancient forefathers, tragic temples, collective memories.

We don’t make aliyah to the Israeli government, the Jewish Agency, the Israel Defense Forces, Ehud Olmert, or even Shimon Peres. We don’t make aliyah to illogical bureaucratic systems, arsim in the supermarket or choking on language, as much as it may seem like it.

We make aliyah to the place we’ve felt inside for so long, the place we know as the future, the land of milk and honey. And although it’s not as sweet as we always imagined it, well… cereal is still awesome, you know?

Ode to the Hebrew-English dictionary.

If you are an oleh in university, feel free to identify with me right now.

Today I took (what was hopefully) my very last final ever. It was arbitration law, it was in Hebrew legalese, it was painful, and now, barring any failure, I can look back and say thank you to my closest academic companion from the last two years: My Hebrew-English dictionary.

As an oleh and a student, one really must show this tome the respect it deserves. I’m sure I’ve looked up hundreds of words multiple times. It’s always been there for me.

hebrew english dictionary


This post is for you, buddy.

The parrot's back.

The crazy, stoned, alcoholic, balding Bezeq parrot is back and bringing its habit of bad marketing with it.

parrot cartoon

It reads: Who will try to liquidate the parrot? Finally! Bezeq is coming to its senses. I wonder what will destroy this creature… Will he succumb to the alcohol? The crystal meth? Look in the mirror and freak out?