My mom is arriving in Israel tomorrow, bright and early (or rather, early and very dark, before sunrise). It’s her third trip to Israel and her third time coming all the way out here to visit me.

It’s always exciting to get visitors out here, especially those among my inner-most circle. With my mom, it’s even more so, but aside for the obvious reasons.

When I told my mother about my decision to make aliyah, she never once expressed opposition or disappointment, whether she really felt it or not. It was the opposite; I could feel the pride radiating from her, pride for the fact that I believed in something so deeply I was willing to fulfill it.

Of course, it was pride mixed with pain, as her only daughter would be voluntarily moving halfway across the world and for reasons she didn’t necessarily believe in herself. But I respect so much of the way she has supported me over these last 5 years.

And I’ll always be grateful for and cherish it.






  1. Ehav Ever Avatar

    Your experience with that is similar to mine. I wasn’t sure how my mother would take my decision to move since I am the only child. She asked me not long ago about is she decided to make Aliyah what would it involve, hypothetically of course.

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