On survival and today's word: ניצולי שואה.

I have good days and bad days. Lately they’ve been bad, but today is alright. I’m referring specifically to that still-beating juk I call: “speaking Hebrew without a complex.”

I made a pact with myself last week to only email my Bar Ilan professors in Hebrew from now on. Writing in Hebrew has never been a problem for me; in fact, writing and reading are cake these days. It’s just that typing in Hebrew takes forever because I’ve never had to do it, even throughout my uber-Zionist high school education.

Today a professor wrote me back, granting permission for a paper I want to write about Holocaust survivors, and, before signing off, letting me know, in two words, how to correctly spell the term: ניצולי שואה

It made me smile. Look at that, everyone’s pitching in to help out. Haven’t felt like that in a while.  





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