All aboard: Morning minyan on Israel Railways.

New from Israel Railways: Pray for the train to be on timeā€¦ Late for work or school because of long Morning Prayer? Do you get stuck in traffic because you were held up at shul? Israel Railways presents 'Synagogue Coach'. Project's initiators at Union of Synagogues wait for green-light from transportation minister, generous donor to... Continue Reading →

What earthquake?

Apparently everyone around me felt the earthquake that hit here in Jerusalem a few minutes ago. It's probably just the tippy-end of a bigger one somewhere else, but I didn't feel it either way. When I was 8 I slept through a California earthquake... so... yeah. UPDATE: Here are the details from Ynet - Earthquake... Continue Reading →

Now they're taking *our* semester breaks?

A little ironic after my last post, but: Universities set to cancel vacations to make up strike time There are so many three, four and six-letter words running through my head right now (bilingually), I can't really write anything else. University officials say that students will probably have to give up their semester break, and... Continue Reading →

I'm no Bar Rafaeli, but…

As is known, I work for an American (Israeli) hi tech Internet company. Thanks to Dapper, (another American (Israeli) hi tech Internet company) we've been dabbling in creating Facebook applications as a word-of-mouth marketing tool. Last week I got messaged from a guy who was interested in interviewing me for an article he was writing... Continue Reading →

It's also how babies are made.

A friend of my husband comes to Israel every once in a while and takes pleasure in his hobby of street arting Jerusalem. He comes equipped with a message and a talent. Thankfully, he also has a sense of humor: The Hebrew reads: "HaNitzachon HaAmiti" or, "The true victory" and the graphic is... well, you... Continue Reading →

Friday morning on Antignus.

There's nothing better than waking up on Friday, throwing on some crap clothes, stumbling over to the bourekas guy down the block, buying a bagful of the world's greatest bourekasim from the world's cutest bourekas guy, stopping off at the makolet next to home, chatting with the excited makolet guy about how we really missed... Continue Reading →

I miss my roommate.

So, the past week has been one big proof that marriage really works for me. Husband has been in London for a week-long trip of aliyah expos and I've been keeping the apartment... um... well, keeping it. The dishes have been hanging out on the counter (they're close friends now), the dinners have been -... Continue Reading →

Last year's a charm.

I just found out that for my last year of studies, to get my tuition paid for by Misrad Klita/Minhal Studentim, I need to volunteer 120 hours with little kids, the elderly or other olim chadashim. Apparently they only make you do it in the third year of receiving money from your aliyah rights. The... Continue Reading →

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