How they do humor in Tel Aviv.

I needed a sanity check and a little dose of big city, so we drove to Tel Aviv today, parked in the free city-sponsored parking by the Yarkon and then walked through the city for a few hours.

It doesn’t take long before you realize that Tel Aviv has its own brand of humor that Jerusalem clearly lacks. For a long time I had been resistant to Tel Aviv, possibly because the commute is a pain. Lately I’ve been a lot more at ease with the city and viewing it with much the same attitude as I view Manhattan.

Here’s what I mean by sense of humor. The first big advertisement we saw, walking across the Yarkon on Ibn Givrol was this:

Hot guy leading a blind guy wearing trendy clothes? For real? My husband remarked no one can really get offended by it since the blind can’t see it anyway…

To make up for that awkwardness, I did find a cute marketing campaign on the part of a mobile-veterinary service:

Mistovevet - pet care on wheels...

It’s called “Mistove-vet”, mistovev meaning to go around and vet, well, you know.

Continuing on our way, I was taken by this little contraption and it’s slogan:

Protect your bananas, people. Now there’s a priority.

Even the cats in Tel Aviv are cooler than Jerusalem’s:

On top of the fact that every wall in Tel Aviv is cause for a mural painting, I got a kick out of the oddness at seeing Syria listed as a destination here:

Tel Aviv is home to way more dog owners than Jerusalem, and it shows. The municipality seems to have it’s – er – shit together:

If you can read Hebrew, then you know what that is: Saki-Kaki, plastic bags to pick up after your dog. Gotta love that.

This is something you are definitely only going to see in a Tel Aviv park… until the Future hits. Rentable Segways, people:

I’ll end off with something pretty, but in its own way, carrying the brand of Tel Aviv humor… Check out the chilled out boats for rent on the Yarkon:





  1. Benji Avatar

    I just posted a cat on tustus picture this week also! So funny!

  2. crunchyspaceman Avatar

    i posted the picture of Malka on the motoscooter with my pictures of her in my blog. small world, my friend. i suppose this is especially true if you, like me, love cats!

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