Are your medicines kosher for Passover?

Clalit health Israel

Here’s reason #678 for aliyah: The Clalit health clinic, one of the four major health insurance programs in Israel, has a place on their website for determining if the medicines in your cabinet are kosher for passover.

You can check it out here (works better in IE). You can type the name of the medicine in Hebrew or English.





4 responses to “Are your medicines kosher for Passover?”

  1. blogambling Avatar

    No way are there that many reasons. ; )

    This has been your cynical oleh chadash moment of the day. We now return you to your scheduled program.

  2. eliesheva Avatar

    hahaha. well put.

  3. Shmuel Shimshoni Avatar
    Shmuel Shimshoni

    Is Arthryl (powder) kosher for Passover use?

  4. Solly Kopman Avatar
    Solly Kopman

    Is Vita Cal+D Vitamin Kasher for Pesach

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