A new reason for aliyah.

There are plenty of reasons to make aliyah, but I just heard the most amusing:





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  2. Sari Dweck Avatar
    Sari Dweck


    I recently came across your blog, oddly enough googling Ford Focus… and I have kind of gotten caught up in it. My husband and I made aliyah almost 4 months ago so it has been interesting for me to read candidly about someone else’s experience, especially someone who seems to have a similar background to me – I grew up in Teaneck, went to Frisch and graduated Barnard in 04 (with a year stopover in Israel).
    Anyway, I am writing to you because as I read your blog I came across this picture and I got a huge laugh because my husband made that bumper sticker and handed them out at the Israel Day Parade last year. I am amazed that it made it all the way over here!


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