Frappuccino desperation.

When I was back in New York in May, I perchance walked into a Starbucks with some friends and noticed a new drink on their menu: this mint chocolate iced frappuccino thing. I’m all about trying new ice blend chocolate coffee things, so I did.

…And I’ve been dreaming about it ever since. Actually, salivating. I’d been wanting it since I got to New York. Since I knew I was coming to New York. But for the first two weeks of my trip, I was building up the craving… Holding out and waiting to reward myself for something.

I finally broke down today and went to the Starbucks down the block from my New York office, and I wait on line; it’s taking forever before I realized I’m on the wrong line. Then I scan the menu for the name of the drink so I can order it when it is finally my turn, but I don’t see it advertised anywhere and I start freaking out.

So I left in a huff and walked all the way… down the block, to the second Starbucks that bookends my office. For no logical reason, really, since they are all franchises. But it felt right.

I wait impatiently on line, close to breaking down, and get to the girl at the counter. She asks what I want but I cut her off and I’m like, “Do you still have that mint chocolate iced frappuccino thing?”

And I guess I  must have looked pretty desperate… I kinda dumped my hopeful order there on the counter next to the register and the fancy granola cookies.

She smiled like a caffeinated angel and said, “Yes, we do! What size?”

And I was like, letting out a sigh of relief. A real physical one. You could see the sigh of relief, like in a cartoon.

It was so gross.

But the drink was damn good and exactly what I was looking for. There’s nothing like pleasing a long distant craving.






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  1. David Avatar

    I think its called the Vivanno…

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