Thanksgiving 2008.

We're doing our big Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner as always... But with the way things have been going in Mumbai the last two days, this year is definitely not just about food. Still no news about the Chabad rabbi and rebetzin and the rest of the Israeli hostages but here's hoping for good news at Motzei... Continue Reading →

He preggo'd my eggo.

It's like holding your breath for 16ish weeks, but here I go, coming out of the first trimester closet. Ta da! We made aliyah separately almost four years ago and now together we're making an Israeli-American-Australian baby combo. Or at least, I am... He's done his part already, as the dati doctor pointed out, quite... Continue Reading →

National Cleaning Day for Israel.

Here's some more encouraging news about creating a clean Israeli environment: Israel to set National Cleaning Day Knesset approves bill to set national cleaning day some time in the spring. Soldiers, students, educators and concerned citizens to take part in cleaning up Israel, in hopes of promoting environmental preservation awareness (Ynet) Found this article from... Continue Reading →

A White House of thunder and lightning.

I'm sure someone already realized this and mentioned it... but... I learned today that with Barack Obama in the White House, and Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, the Americans will be led by... thunder (רעם - Rahm) and lightning (ברק - Barack). Hmm.

So that's what they do with your tonsils…

In case all that talk of crabits made you hungry, how about some tonsil skewers? C'mon, they're a great source of unnecessariness: Courtesy of Tzidkiyahu, a Talpiot Israeli grill joint I still love even if they serve Tonsils for 72 shekels. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the Hebrew side of the menu said.

Beware the crabits in your cards…

Is it passe to make fun of English spelling mistakes on Israeli marketing products? Eh, I still find it amusing and I'm sure one day my kids will make fun of me for the Hebrew mistakes I make in the little notes in their lunchboxes. Anyway, I am offering a public service announcement about what... Continue Reading →


All you can eat salads, falafel and fries. Lots of  meat choices. Fair priced-menu. Tzidkiyahu (סטקיית צדקיהו) is a "steakiya" or grill in Talpiot, Jerusalem, at Yad Haruzim #21.

Drink to your own security.

My husband is at the Knesset today for a meeting. He was standing in the security line, which you can imagine is pretty intense over there in the Knesset. They went through pretty much everything, which is a lot more than they do at airports. Even more, we're all used to getting rid of our... Continue Reading →

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