Thanksgiving 2008.

We’re doing our big Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner as always… But with the way things have been going in Mumbai the last two days, this year is definitely not just about food.

Still no news about the Chabad rabbi and rebetzin and the rest of the Israeli hostages but here’s hoping for good news at Motzei Shabbat…

Either way, I can say that I’m thankful for being safe and warm (and soon quite full of amazing food)…

The lizrael update I've been waiting for.

Don’t know about you, but I can speak for myself, my husband, my family, some of my closer friends, and probably some coworkers and ex coworkers when I say that this is the lizrael update I’ve been wanting to share for a long, long time… In fact, I can pinpoint the time. It would be here.

But now I can finally say: I’ve handed in my very last graduate school work. It was actually a couple weeks ago, but it was too good to believe on the spot so I’ve been waiting until it sank in.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no confirmation except my own calculations and last year’s assurance from a department secretary that my student file is ready to be stamped This one’s good to go. I also want to know that my final internship project has passed. As far as I know, I’ve handed everything I can possibly hand in, taken all credits and finals, and paid (or had others pay) all monies to complete my requirements. If this is truly the happy ending, then my official graduation won’t be until the end of this academic year.

But, with a little optimism uncharacteristic of an Israeli student, I will say:

No more teachers, no more strikes.

No more Minhal Studentim hikes.

Some people have already asked me, “What are you going to do now?” And in my head I’m replying, “Think up my next academic feat,” while my mouth brings forth, “Birth a baby and perhaps raise it.”

He preggo'd my eggo.

It’s like holding your breath for 16ish weeks, but here I go, coming out of the first trimester closet.

Ta da! We made aliyah separately almost four years ago and now together we’re making an Israeli-American-Australian baby combo. Or at least, I am… He’s done his part already, as the dati doctor pointed out, quite scientifically.

So far seems the kid is more American than anything else, since as the doctor was showing us some images in an ultrasound, he noticed its hand in an upright politician speech-making position and said, “See, he’s just like Obama!”**

So, now that we’re out with this, I can post all the back-dated entries I’ve been writing and saving… It’ll all be under the category b’herayon.

And now for a fetal high five:

**Also a commentary on how Obamania has infilitrated Israeli society, but that’s for another time.

National Cleaning Day for Israel.

Here’s some more encouraging news about creating a clean Israeli environment:

Israel to set National Cleaning Day

Knesset approves bill to set national cleaning day some time in the spring. Soldiers, students, educators and concerned citizens to take part in cleaning up Israel, in hopes of promoting environmental preservation awareness (Ynet)

Found this article from last week. The bill was passed last Tuesday and the date for the cleaning day is yet to be announced, though the bill’s pushers seem to favor the Passover season for its spirit of cleaning. It’ll be a day dedicated to helping the land, and more importantly, for PR professionals and activists to promote a cleaner Israel.

The initiators of the bill were Labor-Meimad’s Science, Culture and Sport Minister Raleb Majadele and Knesset Member Nadia Hilou.

A White House of thunder and lightning.

I’m sure someone already realized this and mentioned it… but…

I learned today that with Barack Obama in the White House, and Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, the Americans will be led by… thunder (רעם – Rahm) and lightning (ברק – Barack).


So that's what they do with your tonsils…

In case all that talk of crabits made you hungry, how about some tonsil skewers? C’mon, they’re a great source of unnecessariness:

Courtesy of Tzidkiyahu, a Talpiot Israeli grill joint I still love even if they serve Tonsils for 72 shekels. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what the Hebrew side of the menu said.

Beware the crabits in your cards…

Is it passe to make fun of English spelling mistakes on Israeli marketing products? Eh, I still find it amusing and I’m sure one day my kids will make fun of me for the Hebrew mistakes I make in the little notes in their lunchboxes.

Anyway, I am offering a public service announcement about what is either an unprofessional Israeli credit card company or a dangerously itchy STD you can get from your wallet:

This is pretty impressive considering it seems to be part of their official company title: Israel crabit cards, ltd.

Just stay away from the crabits and you’ll be ok.