Drink to your own security.

My husband is at the Knesset today for a meeting. He was standing in the security line, which you can imagine is pretty intense over there in the Knesset. They went through pretty much everything, which is a lot more than they do at airports.

Even more, we’re all used to getting rid of our bottled water as we get in line at the airports in England, Australia, the U.S., and wherever else security makes a lot of sense. We know that beyond a certain point, our liquids might suddenly become poisonous and that after they take away our liquids, we can’t possibly access more liquids through a shop or bathroom sink.

Which is why we both thought it pretty clever (and a little medieval) that at the Knesset security line, the officers made the guy behind my husband – instead of discarding his liquids – actually drink from his own bottled water. The guy didn’t hesitate, but I guess if he had then the officers would have followed up. What better way to figure out if something is poisoned?*

*Of course, they were both poisoned. I spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder.





2 responses to “Drink to your own security.”

  1. Shara Avatar

    Have fun stormin’ da castle!!!

  2. David Avatar

    Didn’t they do the same thing to Socrates?

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