Favorite kind of Friday.

It hasn't rained enough in Israel this winter, but when it has rained - it's really, really rained. Which is just perfect on a Friday when you're home, cozy, coming off the baby furniture high from the day before, and your husband knows how to make homemade chai lattes.  Of course, we're always hoping for... Continue Reading →

The 'Gap' in Israeli fashion.

I've lived here over four years now, and as a rule, I don't clothing-shop here. Maybe once a year I'll buy the odd pair of loose 'Israeli' pants or a fun Jerusalem-hippie skirt, but I don't find that this country's fashion sense has much to offer me (and I can't afford the high-end stuff which... Continue Reading →

Facing the streets.

I like this. Especially since reading the Israeli news lately has been painful (then again, when is it not?). Look at Barkat being all cultural and whatnot: Jerusalem streets to put a face to name Capital's municipality to replace all street signs named after famous people with new signs featuring personality's image, story You're driving... Continue Reading →

Yellow haze, yellow sky, yellow rain.

Here's the view from my office as we sit in the middle of a traditional (but intense) Israeli dust storm. At least it's supposed to rain tonight... Though that won't be much of a pretty sight, either.  That's supposed to be Malcha up there... The sun eclipsed by dust... Beware open windows...  

Homebirth in Israel.

UPDATE (April 2011): After this post was written, down the road, for my second child, we did a home birth in our apartment in Tzur Hadassah. I've got more info on the subject now from firsthand experience and am happy to share: My home birth story: Israel, Tzur Hadassah, apartment, bedroom. Registering your newborn after... Continue Reading →

A lizrael update pregnant with… updates.

Pregnancy is probably the ultimate example of time flying while also feeling like the slowest dimension, which I'm realizing is especially true for the third trimester. It's a period filled with inner conflict: yalla, let's do this already/whoa, what's the rush, self?! At times I feel like a kid, constantly being asked, "how are you,... Continue Reading →

Radio scare tactics work.

If you're an Israel driver who listens to the radio in the car - like me - you'll have noticed about 246247856 times over that there are these commercials from the Ministry of Transportation. A guy is calmly describing nice and pleasant things that you may be thinking about at this moment, and then this... Continue Reading →

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