Election fever, Israeli-style.

I'm sitting in my office, listening as every single person who leaves for the day calls out in the hallway:  "Happy voting!" "אל תשכח להצביע מחר" "!ללכת לקלפי, להצביע ולהשפיע" "Vote wisely!" At lunch, I walked past a lively discussion on the strategy of voting and throughout the day have been pepper-sprayed with water cooler... Continue Reading →

On preparing, inside and out.

It's amazing how the female body prepares itself for birth during pregnancy.  There's the obvious: the beefing up on body mass, the need for sleep, the extending belly.  There's the less obvious: the slowed metabolism, the hyper hormone production, the  nesting habits. There are bi-products: the heartburn, the gallstones, the stocking up on vitamin E.  Then there's... Continue Reading →

Maccabi Beitar shout-out from a Tzur girl.

I want to give a heartfelt shout-out to the nurse in the Beitar Aleph Maccabi clinic. Here's how medical works when you live in Tzur Hadassah: There is a beyond-excellent clinic there; it takes all four kupot, offers kupa and private doctors of different sorts (including dentistry), holds classes in spinning and aerobics, and more.... Continue Reading →

Rain, rain, come our way.

Jerusalemites are celebrating the rain that began as a lightning show last night. I woke up just now to pleasantly discover that it's still going. We've had a bad winter so far this year, the kind where everyone - to an annoying degree - talks about how terrible the situation is and starts judging each... Continue Reading →

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