No business like mohel business.

Guess where the best place to shop for a mohel is?

Yes, a brit mila. 

We stopped by the brit of friends’ new boy this morning and as we walked out the mohel was leaving too. My baby daddy recognized him from another brit we went to at the beginning of my pregnancy. 

The mohel saw us and wished my birth “bsha’a tova.”

My husband jokingly asked, “Hey – you have a business card?”

I guess that’s not much of a joke because he did, and why wouldn’t he? Anything baby-related in Jerusalem can be big business. Especially if you perform fundamental age-old Jewish rituals. 

His card reads: “Recognized by the Health Ministry, Ministry of Religion and the Rabbanut of Israel.”

I can’t help but love that.




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  1. Sara Avatar

    I have a friend from med school who is a great guy and also mohels – originally Canadian so can speak/translate the service. Email me if you want to talk to him.

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