On citizenship, mistakes and boobs.

Today started out with traveling (yes, it felt like traveling) over to East Jerusalem to arrive at the American Consulate to report my 1/3 American son's birth and apply for a passport for him. Well, almost 1/3 American. Apparently there was a chunk of the application process which I missed: proof I've lived stateside for... Continue Reading →

A model, a citizen… a baby.

Five visits to photo shops, 6493542 attempted DIY shots, and one sore infant's neck later - passport photos for the US, Australia and of course, Israel. Yep, our son will be a triple citizen by the time it's all over. And not without his own brand of being sleepy and making us crazy, part II.... Continue Reading →

Ancient lizrael history.

Subject: update from the mideast Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 09:30:06 -0400   hey friends, i honestly dont think ive felt this happy in years. im in a place where i belong and im having an incredible time. its so real and unbelievable at the same time. i never understood those ppl who go to... Continue Reading →

The shaking of my non-faith.

You may think you have everything to lose until you have a kid. Yeah, I had stuff to lose before... but now everything I had to lose is seen in the new light of having a kid and thus everything to lose.  Which is why today it dawned on me: My family lives in Israel.... Continue Reading →

Making the most of maternity leave.

It's three and a half weeks later and all of our 'afterbirth' guests have departed as of today. Needless to say we are looking forward to being able to settle into a semi-permanent routine where he goes to work every day till 3pm and I'm hanging with the little one playing Holly Homemaker.  Paid maternity... Continue Reading →

An Israeli parenting first.

While I was pregnant, I found that I wasn't getting too many invasive comments, suggestions and guesses from middle-aged to older Israeli women (as I had dreadfully expected). When I mentioned this to some, they said not to worry; the comments would come for sure once I had a baby to show for it.  "They'll... Continue Reading →

Mother's Day.

People have been asking me, "how is to be a mom?" As a brand-new mother, I haven't yet had a chance to think about what it is to be a mother. Not enough time, you see.  In some places (not Israel) today is Mother's Day, so maybe I should take a second and try to... Continue Reading →

Another brit, another Jew.

Yesterday we participated in what must be the oldest Jewish ritual, decended straight from (poor) Abraham. I do not envy Sarah, by the way, who had to deal with the healing of not only an 8-day-old with a bruised penis, but a moody teenager and her senior-citizen husband.  Yes, the brit mila. Ritually slicing and... Continue Reading →

The Hadassah birthing experience.

In the end, we went to Hadassah Ein Kerem for the birth. It was an issue of confidence and although I think I still would have preferred a homebirth, I can say with 20/20 retrospective vision that I'm comfortable with our experience - it was positive, it was successful and... it was lucky, as these... Continue Reading →

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