An Israeli parenting first.

While I was pregnant, I found that I wasn’t getting too many invasive comments, suggestions and guesses from middle-aged to older Israeli women (as I had dreadfully expected). When I mentioned this to some, they said not to worry; the comments would come for sure once I had a baby to show for it. 

“They’ll tell you that your baby is too hot or cold, they’ll tell you what to do to make him stop crying… There will be plenty of savtot walking around who will not resist telling you what to do with your baby.”

Today was my first day out in public with my newborn. 

Today I experienced my first savta telling me my baby was too cold. 

“You only have one blanket on him? It’s so thin. The air conditioning is so high. Feel me, I’m cold. Are you sure he’s not cold? He’s definitely cold, how can he not be? You should cover him. He’s right under the air conditioning…”

I smiled politely and repeatedly said ‘thank you’ until she walked away. 

Besides – you have to trust me, lady. This kid has his momma’s sweat genes. I’m not too worried.






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