In three years.

In the last three years, give or take, I've gotten married, visited my husband's home country located across the world, moved to the suburbs, got pregnant, completed the coursework for my Masters degree, gave birth to a son, grown three years older, three years wiser and three years happier. What have you done in the... Continue Reading →

Bar Ilan update.

Haven't heard from the Bar Ilan front in a while, have you? Were you starting to lose hope? Did you think I gave up? Well, honestly, there's been nothing to update. I finished taking courses a year ago. I finished my last paper months ago. Then why is there no degree hanging proudly on my... Continue Reading →

Cookie Monster was right.

I'm so hungry I could eat a giraffe... and I will! As soon as my safari animal-shaped shnitzels are done burning. Sure, my kid is only 2 months old, but I can already partake in the kid friendly-shaped foods, can't I? Oddly enough, someone at Shufersal did not get that message about what goes into... Continue Reading →

Five years' time.

So, my son now has one of his three passports. The Israeli passport came in today and is it wrong to think, after seeing its expiration date of 2014, that it happens to be excellent timing in accordance with this headline from today's Haaretz: Mossad: Iran will have nuclear bomb by 2014 Just saying.

Dream come true.

As many Jerusalem-based olim probably have figured out, the Jerusalem Post is the most persistent paper as far as telemarketing for business goes. The English-language papers vie for the olim off the plane, and strike deals with Nefesh b'Nefesh to offer free subscriptions with follow-up deals. I've been called 493676745 times since I made aliyah... Continue Reading →

Koala update: six weeks.

Imagine that six weeks ago yesterday my entire life was altered in a way I slowly come to fathom every day. Piece by piece. On so many levels I am amazed: at myself, for making it happen through a kind of energy and inner strength I wasn't sure I had... At my husband, who was... Continue Reading →


People have been poo-pooing the national security drills taking place across Israel today. I understand why; often the bomb shelters are locked up, uninhabitable, or don't exist at all in places where they should. However, it's a government responsibility, should happen at least once a year, and as dysfunctional as miklatim may be now, it's... Continue Reading →

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