Lizrael Update: Back-to-work edition.

Long time no lizrael update. Let's see... Currently, I'm mentally preparing for the Tisha B'Av scene. It's been a fairly long nine days, what with eating meat being forbidden and eating dairy being unwise. Koala has bad reactions when I eat milk products, so I've pretty much stayed away for the last 3 months. I... Continue Reading →

When it's not a drill.

It was about 10 o'clock and I finally had the boy calm and rocking in my arms, reading superficial feature stories in the cyber New York Times. I was between starting breakfast and finishing breakfast, because Koala really needed to be held. Then I heard The Siren pierce my world outside. For a split second... Continue Reading →

Koala update: twelve weeks.

The three month mark has passed. I haven't gone insane (in a while), my hair hasn't fallen out (too much) and I haven't gotten sick of staying home all day with the Koala (that's true). I'm pretty sure somewhere out there people are taking bets. Shame. I'm not aching to go back to work and... Continue Reading →

Tzur Hadassah gets… sexy?

Check out this headline: Police bust cocaine lab in suburban Jerusalem Bet you'd never have guessed where in 'suburban Jerusalem' that took place if the subject hadn't contained a big hint... Jerusalem police announced Thursday that they had busted a cocaine lab operating out of an apartment in the suburban community of Tsur Hadassah. Police... Continue Reading →

My own Israeli Australia.

Just left the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv. If you happen to be an Australian married to an American and you have children together, then I don’t have to tell you how much more of a pleasant experience it is to acquire Aussie citizenship and passport for your tri-citizen child. The embassy is located at... Continue Reading →

The truth about sabras.

I've been in this mood lately... I'm not sure what it is exactly, but it's this subtle hostility I've been feeling towards my Israeli surroundings. Perhaps it was the head-on collision between two cars on the Beit Shemesh road (speeding drunk teens versus middle agers at 5pm). Perhaps it was the pointless fire in my... Continue Reading →

A degree in degree-getting.

So a couple weeks ago I shared the latest Bar Ilan update that standing between me and my diploma was a ptur in English. One moment; allow me to rephrase that... Approximately one fortnight ago, yours truly revealed an update on the outstanding situation regarding the university of Bar Ilan, where the accomplishment of a... Continue Reading →

Being a Tzur Hadassah housewife.

These days, as you know, I'm a housewife. I'm really not that bored or desperate, as the cliche goes, but I appreciate entertainment when it comes around. Today it came around. For a country built on stones and concrete, I've discussed and seen a few too many fires in my years here. But this one... Continue Reading →

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