Being a Tzur Hadassah housewife.

These days, as you know, I’m a housewife. I’m really not that bored or desperate, as the cliche goes, but I appreciate entertainment when it comes around. Today it came around.

For a country built on stones and concrete, I’ve discussed and seen a few too many fires in my years here. But this one takes the (burnt) cake.

Walking by my living room, I noticed the sky had turned gray and dim. Thinking for a split second that clouds had come to save me from the heat, I realized – it was heat – in the form of smoke.

A lot of it.

The valley below my section of Tzur Hadassah was lit up:

I have no idea how it happened but over the next hour or so I watched the flames evolve:

The (quite slow on the uptake) fire brigade and KKL trucks managed to put it out before it blew too close to the school or the houses nearby, revealing the scarred valley. It was a bit surreal after watching all that coverage of the wildfires whipping across Victoria, Australia, a few months ago.

So who says being a housewife makes you desperate?

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