Where bonding starts.

They say you are supposed to have this awesome bonding with breastfeeding. Sure, I love eating too, but for me and my kid it's not the meals when we bond. It's the diaper changes. Today I'm changing his diaper for the 8756294 time and he's smiling at me. And I think to myself, aw, what... Continue Reading →

Koala update: ten weeks.

Is there any other example of how much we can change and grow in just a week or two? Do we ever grow and change as rapidly as we do at two months old? A lot's happened in the last month, and I'll try to break it down. We're inching closer to doubling the Koala's... Continue Reading →

My mini-granates.

Attempting to have green thumbs, and doing what we can to keep them green, part of our little mirpeset garden is a small potted mini-rimon┬áplant. Ok, I have no idea if these are technically pomegranate species or what, but they seem to be some kind of inedible cousin to the native fruit. Since I'm charged... Continue Reading →

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